Welcome To Isis-House Publishing

Welcome to Isis House Publishing

Isis-House Publishing, is dedicated in its quest of making available Manuscripts and other materials related to the Goddess Isis, and other Ancient Deities for the enjoyment of all. We publish books by ancient and modern authors in all traditions of the Goddess. We do translations of sacred texts, and print original scholarship.

We also offer books that dive into themes dealing with the ongoing encounters of ancient goddess traditions and that of our modern culture in all of its multi-faceted glory. We, as a Publisher try to publish all of our titles with an awareness, and understanding of the Goddess as a living, growing spiritual path, with a balanced commitment to preserve and communicate its sacred works from all the paths of the Goddess.

In Love and Light,
Justin Howard, Co-Publisher
deTraci Regula, Co-Publisher
May, 2008’

Isis-House Publishing
c-619 379 7317
e- New@IsisHousePub.Com

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