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Three sistrums of different styles

Welcome to the Isiscraft Catalog, devoted to quality Egyptian and Isis-related items, including sistrums, Isis jewelry, Isis statues, papyri, books, and more.

At left are pictures our small Brass and Wood sistrum, the hardwood-framed Single Sistrum, and the Double Sistrum. Scroll down for more sistra!

Don’t see what you need? Email us – we’re happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for, and we also have many Isis  items that are not yet on the website.

We also can recommend expert custom artisans who can create almost anything – past special projects have included Egyptian magical wands, ceremonial opening-of-the-mouth tools, golden thet-knot rings, solid silver sistrums, and many other items.

systrumNEW – Our biggest sistrum yet, a full 16.5 inches from top of the loop to the base of the handle, the Systrum (TM) by Tahya is the result of one dancing priestess’s quest to design and create the perfect sistrum (or systrum, as she prefers.) The all-wood frame and handle recreates the lost wood sistrums of ancient Egypt – unlike their metal cousins, the wooden ones are known from only a few partial examples but would have been widespread in ancient times – the very first sistra were said to be woven from Hathor’s sacred papyrus plant fronds. The disks on this sistrum are especially nice, hand-pounded and slightly convex, with a shimmery sound that’s bright but not clangy. And the large, graceful loop guarantees shaking this sistrum will get attention! A beautiful, smiling head of Hathor is lasered into each side. $110.


Gold thet knot ringNEW! Handmade Sterling Silver OR gold Thet Knot Rings! These intensely special pieces seem to bring a unique magic with them, all because of a priestess’s long personal quest to find one. She graciously has allowed us to reproduce the custom piece that she designed with a traditional artisan jeweler. Sterling Silver is $75; the gold version is individually quoted due to the fluctuating price of gold. If you are looking for a heirloom piece, a priestess gift, or a wonderful talisman for a new mother, this is an ideal choice. Each piece is crafted and sized to order. Allow two weeks for delivery after order.



Brass and Wood Sistrum
Brass sistrums with wooden handles Graeco-Roman styleBeautiful, gleaming handmade brass sistra (sistrums) with lovely lapis-blue turned wooden handles with a shape following a Graeco-Roman original. The small version is a handy, easy-to-carry 8″ high. $50.

8″ High Small Sistrum



The large brass-framed sistrum is 15″, a great sistrum to use in leading processions and other times when a beautiful, dramatic sistrum is desired. $75.

15″ High Large Sistrum



We offer both 3-bar and 4-bar versions. In Plutarch’s “On Isis and Osiris”, he describes a four-bar sistrum and relates each bar to one of the four elements, so many prefer a four-bar sistrum. However, in ancient Egypt, sistra had a great deal of variation in the number of bars, from two to five and possibly more. In the three-bar version, the bars can be related to the divine triad of Isis, Osiris, and Horus, or to the three seasons of the sacred year in ancient Egypt. See our “Sounding the Sistrum” book below for more information on the parts of the sistrum and their significance.


Hathor shrine column sistrumHATHOR NAOS-STYLE SISTRUM

At last, a naos-style (shrine-box) Hathor-headed sistrum. The frame and handle are sturdy cast resin, with metal disks and wires concealed within the naos or shrine box on top. 13″ high. Cheerful sound suits the goddess of joy and sensuality. Excellent detail. The Hathor head is on both sides of the sistrum; some ancient sources suggest one represents Isis, the other Nephthys but Hathor is usually identified as the goddess presiding in this sistrum.  $60.


The Hathor sistrum is crafted by fair-trade artisans in India, where traditional goddess worship still flourishes. The form resembles the traditional faience sistrum which also served as altar objects embodying the goddess Hathor. Some clients have painted theirs a deep metallic bronze color, which also is very effective. Others have picked out the incised hieroglyphs with deep lapis blue paint, so there are many ways you can personalize this sistrum if you choose to. If you do, send us a picture! We love to see how sistrums are decorated and used. In Egyptian processions, they often were wrapped with flowers, forming a sort of bouquet around the handle.


Bast handled sistrum
Bast-handled Sistrum. Handmade of copper and cast metal, with brass disks. A terrific value for this big, beautiful sistrum; about 11″ high. $45


Copper is a metal sacred to Hathor, who ruled over the copper mines in Egypt and who was associated with copper in part because of its green and turquoise oxidation. Hathor was also lady of gold and of turquoise.

Wood framed sistrum khartel styleHardwood-framed sistrum, handmade. Disk color may be silver or brass; we usually have just one or the other, but if it is important to you, we will be happy to try and send you the color you prefer. Just email us or include it as a note with your order.  About 8″ long, easy to slip into a purse or ritual bag. Good bright, sweet sound. $24.


We find that this particular sistrum is especially useful in cleansing rituals. It’s light, durable, and fun to use, and also makes a good sistrum for children.

lage wood framed sistrumA lovely handcrafted wood-framed sistrum with a great, bright, sweet sound. Approximately 10″ high with lots of jingles. Jingles may be silver or brass colored. Easy to personalize with paints, metal charms, and other adornments. $32.


This “paddle” shape is attested in many sistrums from Graeco-Roman times. The broad area just beneath the jangles can be decorated with a Hathor head, lotus flower, or other insignia. The frame is of shesham wood.
Splendid  big Winged Isis statue. 14″ high and 21″ across from wingtip to wingtip. Handpainted with gold leaf, individually cast out of a resin-stone medium which holds all of the fine detail. If you’ve been wanting a dramatic temple-worthy statue of Isis, this is the one. Handmade in Egypt. $325. International orders are welcome -please contact us first for additional shipping costs.

This item is almost sold out and will not be available in our next update.


Graeco-Roman Isis statue with sistrum and situla

Beautiful Graeco-Roman Isis, 9 1/2″ high, cast stone-like resin which feels like ceramic..

Images of Isis from the Graeco-Roman period are hard to find. This one is roughly based on a white marble original image of the  priestess Alexandra whose statue is in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece.

Athenian women were often priestesses of Isis and there are many Greek tomb decorations depicting women in their roles as priestesses of Isis. Some are full figures, like the oiginal this statue is based on, while others just include the image of a sistrum.


Many statues of Isis were also carved from black marble and other similar stones. The dark color in this version can also be seen as representing the rich fertile mud of the Nile.$45.




Isis fortuna statueISIS FORTUNA STATUE

Lovely statue of Isis-Fortuna, bringer of luck and good navigation through seas and through life.

Want to travel? Put this statue on your altar.

The cornucopia that Isis holds symbolizes abundance of all kinds and her hand guides the rudder.  Nearby the original “wheel of fortune” stands waiting for a spin.  $45.



This is the most beautiful Graeco-Roman style sistrum we’ve seen, with a beautiful sound and a great feel. Please note: this is a diskless sistrum – the sound comes from the bars hitting against the frame, with a wonderful ringing sound. 8″ high. Durable and lovely quality, made of a traditional tin and copper alloy  similar to the ancient bronze originals. One museum’s children’s program buys these from us for use in their enrichment programs. $125. Note: Please email us to confirm availability as these go fast and are handmade by an artisan abroad, so supply can be intermittent. Or, just ask to be on our waiting list and we will notify you when more are available.




OUR BESTSELLER! Thet Knot of Isis- Sterling silver, handmade, imported from Egypt. This is a sacred symbol of Isis and was first seen in predynastic times. Like the ankh which it resembles, scholars debate what it represented, but it was used as an amulet of protection and the divine grace of Isis. Includes special lore sheet. $15.00.



Read More on Thet (Tet, Tyet) Knots


Ankh – Sterling silver, handmade, imported from Egypt. Approximately 1″ high. The essential Egyptian symbol of life, energy, and existence itself.  Protective and inspiring, ours has exceptionally pleasing dimensions and a good feeling to it. $16.00.



WINGED ISIS PAPYRUS- Handmade in Egypt according to ancient practices. Shows winged Isis. May vary somewhat from illustration – we’ll be happy to photograph your exact papyrus and send the image to you via email for approval. Other images available – contact us for details. $20.00.

WIDE WINGED ISIS PAPYRUS – NEW! This version is less square and is perfect for placing over a doorway in your home temple, creating a beautiful and protected portal beneath the wings of Isis. We have only a few of these but hope to make them a regular item. $35.00



Isis T-shirt

Winged Isis-Ma’at in gold on black T, all sizes. These are on a very good quality of cotton and hold up to multiple washings for years.




AN ISISCRAFT EXCLUSIVE – Handmade Kyphi incense, created according to an ancient recipe in a two-week process, then aged. Burn over charcoal. Limited supply, one package per order please. $7 Select from the dropdown menu below.

NEW! KYPHI SCARABS – Small scarabs molded out of Kyphi incense. Package of 3. Durable enough to be carried as a fragrant charm. Can be used as incense, if you can bear to! $7. Select from the dropdown menu below.

PURIFICATION KYPHI SPECIAL BLEND – Handmade Kyphi incense with special ingredients for cleansing and purification of items and areas. $7 –



Blue Nile Incense

Ten sticks, pleasant all-purpose temple scent. $3.50.








We couldn’t resist this charming pendant which is also a bell – since, like any good cat, it can happily sit by itself, it also makes a great little addition to your altar. Lovely tinkling sound makes it a perfect stand-in for a sistrum. If you’ve belled your own temple cat, maybe now it’s time he or she returned the favor. $39.



Bast pendant in silver from Egypt Bast Pendant – Sterling Silver from Egypt

This pendant depicts a Bast Cat holding a hieroglyphic plaque. It’s a lovely, dramatic piece you’ll enjoy wearing. $39.00.




Turquoise-colored carved scarab stone in vermeil setting.SCARAB AMULET

BESTSELLER!Vermeil Turquoise Scarab Pendant This is so beautiful – a bonded stone pendant mounted in Egyptian vermeil over sterling silver. The back is open to let the energy of the stone flow through. A beautiful piece at a wonderful price. Also available in Lapis Lazuli. $25.00.





Gorgeous gold-leafed metal ankh, approximately 8″ high. Includes marble base. Easily unscrews from base when you want to carry it in rites. Made in Egypt. We REALLY like these – you will too! $26.00 each, $50 for a pair.




Kneeling Isis pendant with wings straight out, flat with arm.




Sterling Silver straight-winged Isis pendant, made in Egypt. Fine detail. A splendid protective amulet.  Straight-winged style brings balance and peace, and whispers of Ma’at, the goddess of divine balance symbolized by the scales. $12.00.


Sterling Silver Standing Winged Isis Pendant.

Unusual image with wings raised up, symbol of spiritual ascendancy. Made in Egypt, finely detailed. $12.00.


Pharaoh’s Pocket.


A great gift for kids or for yourself. Six genuine faience amulets made in Egypt,  in a drawstring bag. Includes Bes, Eye of Horus, Bast, ankh, and more. $12.





WhiteLotusCDCoverWHITE LOTUS – Celebratory songs of the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

We are pleased to present “White Lotus”, the wonderful collection of sacred Egyptian chants and songs created by Diveena, an ordained priestess of the Temple of Isis. Her fluid, soaring voice draws comparisons to Enya and Loreena McKennitt, and she selected an array of marvelous musicians to accompany her. These splendid songs are invigorating, uplifting, and they effectively draw the energies of the deities whenever they are played. A wonderful addition to your temple music library! $16.



Mysteries of Isis

The bestselling book by deTraci Regula loaded with information and illustrations. $30 new; $20 used.



deTraci Regula offers a correspondence course about Isis, based on her book. For information on the course and on other classes and presentations, contact Isiscraft.
Egyptian Scarab divination box kit Set includes 30 inscribed cast resin scarabs with a satin pouch and fully illustrated book by deTraci Regula with designs by Kerigwen.  An easy system with detailed interpretations for questions on love, finances, career, relationships, and other topics – just draw a scarab, turn to the page, and find our what you need to know. Layouts are also included for more complex, Tarot-style readings.  $34.95.



by deTraci Regula

Love the sistrum? You’ll love this book and it makes a wonderful companion to go with any of our sistra. Learn lore, history, rites, consecration methods, how to adjust an existing sistrum or make a new one from scratch, and much more in this delightful book by the author of “The Mysteries of Isis”. $15




Lady Olivia Robertson

The new book from the renowned Olivia Robertson, bestselling author and co-foundress of the international Fellowship of Isis. This book details many of her innermost spiritual experiences with the goddess Isis, drawing from her biographical sketches and adding new material.  With additional materials by Caroline Wise, deTraci Regula, and Linda Iles.  Illustrated. 18.99.

Bast sitting between two pillars in her Temple in EgyptBAST – CAT GODDESS OF ANCIENT EGYPT by LInda Iles.  For the first time, all of the magic and beauty of the cat goddess Bast is brought to a modern audience. Author Linda Iles brings together a dozen years of loving and detailed research into the mysteries of Bast. 400 pages. $24.95. Signed copies available on request.



LUXOR SISTRUM – Special sistrum handcrafted in Luxor, Egypt. Brass frame, hand-ground brass disks, and a cast resin double-sided handle depicting Hathor.  A wonderfully magical piece. $125. Email first for availability and handle color selection.



Large sistrums designed after the pair found in Tut’s tomb. Hexagonal hand-carved wooden handle and base, painted gold, with a genuine bronze frame, and brass wires and disks. A very dramatic sistrum. Available singly or in pairs. $125 each or order the pair for $230.  Special custom order, allow 4 weeks; please contact us for international shipping.

Or order the pair for $230






More Egyptian Jewelry

Ptah pendant in silver from EgyptPtah Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt

Ptah is one of the creator gods of ancient Egypt and is considered to be a husband of Isis in some ancient writings.


Osiris pendant in silver from EgyptOsiris Amulet Facing Right – Sterling Silver from Egypt


Thet Knot of Isis with Double Djeds in silver from Egypt Thet Knot of Isis Double Djed Pendant


Isis with Lotus Blossom Pendant Amulet in silver from EgyptIsis with Lotus Blossom Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Amon Feather Crown  pendant in silver from EgyptAmon Feather Crown Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Isis with Cartouche pendant in silver from EgyptIsis with Cartouche Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Wadjet with Disk  pendant in silver from EgyptWadjet with Disk Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Osiris pendant in silver from EgyptOsiris Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Tahuti Thoth Pendant Amulet  in silver from EgyptTahuti Thoth Pendant Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Horus pendant in silver from EgyptHorus Hawk Amulet Pendant – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Khepera Winged Scarab pendant in silver from EgyptKhepera Winged Scarab Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Horus with Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt pendant in silver from EgyptHorus with Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Anubis pendant in silver from EgyptAnubis Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Hathor-Isis pendant in silver from EgyptHathor-Isis Amulet – Sterling Silver from Egypt



Ordering by Mail

To order using check or money order, email us at Isiscraft. Drop your check or money order in the snail mail to: Isiscraft Catalog, P.O. Box 16690 San Diego, CA 92176. Your personal check or money order is welcome. We also accept all major credit cards through PayPal and can take your cards directly by phone; email us for details. We also do layaway and special orders and searches.

Ordering by check or money order? Shipping and handling is $6.00 for orders up to $15.00, $8.00 for orders between $15 and $50, $12.00 for orders between $50 and $100, $18.00 for orders between $101 and $200, $22.00 for orders between $200 – $350. The Large Winged Isis statue shipping rate will vary; contact us for details. International orders may also require additional shipping charges; please contact us for details.

Isis Oasis Information about the Isis Oasis, the Temple of Isis, and upcoming events. Also visit the Official Isis Oasis website.

Mysteries of Isis Homepage deTraci Regula’s home on the net. The original site.

You can also simply mail your order with check or money order to: Isiscraft Catalog, P.O. Box 16690, San Diego, CA 92176.  



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