DeTraci Regula

de Traci Regula, Author ‘Sounding the Sistrum’

A student of the sacred sciences since childhood, deTraci Regula explores the mystical through writing, travel, and art. She is the author of “The Mysteries of Isis” and the creator of the Sacred Scarab Oracle She has been a Priestess of Isis with the Fellowship of Isis since 1983 and has traveled, with sistrum in hand, to sacred sites around the world.

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Sounding The Sistrum: Rhythms & Rituals by deTraci Regula
Release Date – Winter 2010 Price: $14.95

The Sistrum is a sacred soundmaker used in rites to honor Isis, Bast, and Hathor. It
was also used in rites to honor other deities, including Amen, Osiris, Anubis, and
the gods and goddesses of the great Ennead. The sound itself is a cleansing,
purifying offering to these deities, and can be used in cleansing the aura, clearing environments, and blessing or decontaminating objects of spiritual debris. Pharoahs, queens, priests, priestesses, and even gods and goddesses all played the sistrum at various times.

Sounding the Sistrum: Rhythms & Rituals Box Edition by deTraci Regula
Special Box Kit Edition including a handcrafted sistrum and pouch.
Release Date – Spring 2010 Price: $35.95

The Mysteries of Isis by deTraci Regula – Anniversary Special Edition Release Date: May 2013

Price: $23.95 Pre-order Now

Back in Print! Revised and expanded edition of deTraci’s groundbreaking book on the modern worship of Isis. Includes additional materials, previously unpublished chapters, more rites and rituals, and new photographs and illustrations.

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